feasting ~ Easter Sunday

Happy Easter everyone – the church bells are ringing out in the village here to proclaim that the Lord is risen indeed. The sky is thick with cloud but no sign of rain and I am hoping the sun will shine through mid-morning as it did yesterday.

I should be in the kitchen doing the preparations for our Easter family feast tonight rather than typing on my blog but there is not a lot left to do. I have the Easter hunt to set up in the garden in readiness for Little L, Sweetie and Freddie this afternoon and the cake to assemble – I at least remembered to take it out of the freezer last night but I did forget I need to do some jelly – granny’s jelly is always a favourite especially if I do it in the old glass jelly mould. I keep thinking I will make a blancmange as the grandchildren have never seen or tasted one – old fashioned puddings these days like semolina, rice pudding and blancmange are never on the menu, not even at school. Many schools now just serve a yoghurt or something like flapjack as a pudding.

No matter how long I spend in the garden at the moment (and it has to be in short bursts of an hour) it is never enough during April when everything is bursting forth in the sunshine and the lighter days. Yesterday I pruned one of the Buddleias it must now be over 35 years old and showing its age – like me! But I will persevere with it otherwise it will leave a big hole and the removal of the giant cherry tree did that last year.

There is not a lot of colour in the garden yet – the tulips are still only in bud and the daffodils faded. There are a few primula dotted around and thank goodness for the strong blue of the grape hyacinth to cheer up the borders until everything gets going.

Well I think I had better get a move on I need to run around with the duster and vac again just to freshen up.

Have a lovely day x

14 Replies to “feasting ~ Easter Sunday”

  1. I live in the USA but grew up in a village in England and just this morning was telling my husband about the bells on Easter morning! Bye the way, I really enjoy your blog.


  2. Happy Easter. The Lord is risen indeed.
    Thinking of you with your back as I am a fellow back sufferer and I love to be in the garden too. I hope that the children enjoyed themselves yesterday with the egg hunt and that you enjoyed the day too.
    I do remember all those lovely puddings as a child but they seemed to fallen out of fashion, which is a shame. Best wishes to your daughter that all will go well in the next few weeks and also that your hubby will get over the infection from his tooth quickly. Have a great week xx


  3. It’s so frustrating when you have to garden in little bursts and then rest isn’t it. I am finding that 20 minutes of anything that involves bending outside and then 10 minutes sat in my chair relaxing works. If I do them alternate twice I can get enough jobs done to satisfy me for one day. Thank goodness we are no longer on five acres, I would be going mad! But it’s lovely to see the garden bursting back into life.

    I hope you had a lovely Easter egg hunt and family feast.


    1. The three quarter acre is a problem at the cottage and not being there full time makes it even harder – many hard decisions need to be made as my back is not getting any more robust now – but you can tell we are dragging our feet at making them!


  4. I hope you had a lovely Easter and the children enjoyed their egg hunt. There isn’t much in our garden at present, we dug a lot of plants out when we moved in last year but haven’t yet replaced them. There’s only one border and that isn’t huge but it will be fun choosing plants for it.


    1. It must be lovely to start in a new garden with a plan – some of our shrubs are now 38 years old and really past their best but somehow I would feel guilty at removing them – I still haven’t got over the trauma of having the cherry tree removed last year even though it had become dangerous.


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