dear diary ~ recovery and preparations

The holiday is now over for us and ‘granny’ has gone into recovery mode!

It was cold, wet and miserable outside yesterday and inside our house seems far too quiet now with the children gone. I should have done a hundred and one things to prepare for going away but I felt too wiped out to tackle many of them. I put in a load of washing which had to be dried inside and put a few bits away, then walked to the village to post my sister’s birthday card. After lunch DH and I sat for a while and started watching a film on TV – that was a mistake as even less got done but we both needed the rest and a bit of just me time. The trip to town that we should have done yesterday will now have to be fitted in today between an appointment this morning and a hair appointment late afternoon.

There are a few bits I cannot buy locally in Scotland and the Sainsbury’s in Newton Stewart that we go to on the way is quite small so I shall have to buy them here at our larger branch. It shouldn’t take us more than an hour so we can be in and out quite quickly thank goodness. I shall make an easy tea tonight – either pasta to use up some cheese sauce or baked potatoes with a mushroom filling. I have leek soup to make this morning to use up the leeks and large potatoes before we go and then we can fill a flask to take with us for the journey and put the rest in the freezer for when we get home.

I did manage to look at some paperwork – nothing is urgent but I do like to keep on top of it so it doesn’t mount up. There are always statements to download and file away on the computer but at least I am beginning to beome paper free so that my paper filing drawer doesn’t become full again. Once we are up at the cottage I will continue with the decluttering of my lap top and get rid of old stuff on there.

Already my mind is a whirl of packing requirements, tasks that need to be done at the cottage, birthday cards that need to be sorted, written and posted or handed out before we go and tasks that need to be done here by the time we leave – like planting the seed potatoes. Of course the weather is being obstinate and sending rain rather than sunshine – isn’t it always the case when you are preparing to go away. Still maybe the cold weather now means that we will get better weather in the next two weeks.

For anyone coming over here to view the April ScrapHappy Challenge I will have to disappoint this month as I have not had a moment to do any crafting, but hopefully will be back with a challenge next month.

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