the garden journal

I am lucky enough to have 2 gardens – the catch is they are 250 miles apart – so maybe that is not quite so lucky after all but just a heap of hard work.

Our garden at home in Yorkshire is quite small. We have the usual front and back garden – the front being more formal and the back more relaxed and functional. It has been 30 odd years in the making and probably due a makeover but I like the oversized shrubs and cherry tree that are now starting to block out the light. One day they will need to be kept in check.

Our cottage garden is on the Mull of Galloway in Scotland facing out onto Luce Bay, an idylic little corner of the world. We have been there since 2004 and have a 3/4 acre plot that, although very established, was also very overgrown. Part of the garden is hidden by woodland to one side of the cottage and the other side is what we call our seaside garden. The soil here is sandy and the plot subjected to wind and salt spray.

Follow my journey in both the gardens over the coming year.

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