August 2019

in the garden at home

August was a quite month in the garden at home.  We had many days away and visitors when we were at home so not a lot of gardening got done. 

Some of the salad produce was almost at an end and I needed to get more lettuce seeds sown. I set these just before the hot bank holiday weekend and a day or two later…

The beetroot needed thinning out – I didn’t get to do this at the right time – so will make a note for next year to thin them out sooner. The landcress is a big win so easy to grow and a good substitute for watercress in a salad.

The tomatoes have done well and are now on the turn I have had to cover them with fleece to protect them from the threat we have had of frosts.

The courgettes not so good – not being around much to keep them watered and pick the fruits, together with a very wet August they have performed poorly.

I potted up the rosemary and mint I had bought individually – they are to go up to the cottage garden when I have prepared a space up there.  The feverfew has done well it took me ages for me to find some – I love the little white flowers with the yellow centres they really brighten up a corner.

The two large planting boxes were a bargain – reduced from £39.99 each with 80% off plus a £5 coupon I think they worked out at about £8 each.  I will be growing more salad and veg in them next year.

September should be a more productive time in the garden both at home and at the cottage.

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