dear diary >> a change of plan

Things were going well yesterday morning until I came to get something out of the garage. To say it was a struggle is not an exaggeration as the whole place is in a mess and a train of unplanned activity ensued. We have a series of recycle bins for the items that cannot go into our council recycling bin but all of them were overflowing and needed emptying. Soft plastic bags go to the local Co-op collection point, bottles to the bottle bank, batteries and water filter cartridges to Sainsbury’s etc and all these are now waiting by the front door to be taken to their relevant resting places together with a few items for the village charity shop and the local tip.

After spending a further two hours sorting through some of the mess it was lunch time and afterwards I had my osteopath appointment so the planned pastry making didn’t actually take place. DH made the Tuscan bean casserole when we got back home using up an out of date packet of butter beans, which were fine when opened and rather than put the oven on he cooked it all on the hob – it was just as good and he served it with sliced Halloumi cheese on top, browned in our non-stick pancake pan, and a piece of Pannini bread to mop up the juices. I couldn’t actually find the recipe so he just made it up…..and it was delicious.

So the plan today, after having my morning walk and doing a few back exercises, is probably to do what I should have done yesterday and finish that unpacking and putting away. I also need to straighten up the pantry and refill some jars then check the stock is arranged in date order as DH often puts away the groceries but sometimes forgets to move the older tins and packets to the front. At the same time I can make a note of anything with a close best before date and will accomodate these in next weeks menu plan – I have a system of marking these items with a red sticker (which I keep handy in the pantry drawer) so that even DH is aware that they need eating up very soon. If I have any energy left after our lunch break I also have in mind to tidy another storage box or two in the garage to keep the momentum going and more importantly, make the pastry cases so that they can bake in the oven with tonight’s tea which is Courgette Bake using, I might add, courgettes grown by my own fair hands.

DH will be busy doing a few odd jobs as I found one or two items in the garage that I had forgotten about and need DH’s help to hang them up. This will require screws and such things that I am no good at. The breakdown truck is coming this morning to take DH’s car to the garage for them to locate the problem – it is leaking a rather red looking fluid and looks like it is bleeding. I have no doubt it will be another expensive problem to fix. As fast as I am trying to save money it manages to escape once more into someone elses pocket!

Such is life in these scary times!

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  1. Our efforts to save money do sometimes seem futile when things happen that require having large sums spent, but you are doing a great job. I love the red sticker idea. I hope the car does not cost too much to repair.


  2. Well, two types of red fluid in a car: automatic transmission fluid or the power steering. Hope the cost isn’t exorbitant, but these days everything seems to cost in three digits before the decimal, if not four. 😦

    Even if things didn’t go exactly to plan, you still were managing to reduce items around the house/garage. Hope all went well at the osteopath.


    1. I am impressed with you knowledge of cars to me it just looked like blood and it would need a transfusion! The part is cheap apparently but not sure what the labour might be – it will depend on which bits they have to take out to put the new part in!


  3. Your organizational scheme sounds impressive – I never seem to have much stuff lingering too long in my cupboards as I just tend to buy things as needed. Used some brown rice yesterday which may have been around for a while but it tasted OK! Hope the car repair isn’t too costly.


    1. My original plan was to only buy as I go with just a few tide us over items like baked beans etc and have emptier shelves but then the pandemic struck and we bought more in to avoid going shopping too often. Now we buy multiples of items on offer to make use of the savings so the pantry is quite full to capacity at times.


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