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I was so delighted to find that these cuttings I had taken earlier in the year have taken along with a few tiny self sown seedlings that I noticed when weeding in the borders and potted up. They are out in my mini greenhouse in a shadier corner of the garden so they don’t dry out.

Yesterday turned into a bit of a mammoth sorting out day. Another one where I ventured into the garage and ended up sorting through the bank of Ikea wooden drawers that contain all our bits and pieces, well mainly DH’s bits and pieces – spare hinges, hooks, car bulbs, flat pack funriture parts and a million and one other things, often unidentifiable….all stuff that might one day be useful and to be fair to DH it often is. He has a maddening habit though of putting things he wants to keep into the right drawer (they are all labelled) but I have no idea what it is for and often he forgets. My method is to bag and label – his method is sometimes to bag but hardly ever to label. So yesterday we played the game of guess what this is for and do we still need it.

Eventually, he knew he would have to stop what he was doing (uploading holiday photos) to help me and give me a clue for some of the items so that now they are all bagged and labelled, including the ones labelled unknown like the charger – but what is it a charger for? I know if I throw it out it will be for something important. There is still a long way to go in the garage and I hate throwing things away but I am not sure we will ever need the spare castors that came off an old file drawer, or the digital timer that came from my mum…….but you never know. As always when you embark on these tasks things you had forgotten about resurface like the gym ball pump and who knew that we had three keys for the ladder lock – all hanging on separate hooks.

I am now trying to find a good way of storing all my numerous candles of various shapes and sizes – long thin, short stubby and large pillar. Presently, they are scattered between numerous boxes – they are all quite plain unscented candles and many of them were left over from my daughter’s wedding but I have not as yet found the ideal storage container or place to store them. It would be much simpler to use them all so I don’t have to store them at all. Maybe come the autumn / winter time and possible power cuts I will be glad of my little hoard. Until then this little problem is a pending one.

DH had his screw driver out again today doing little jobs around the house and I now have the little holdall (once fixed to the inside of my old kitchen cupboard door to take tupperware lids) fixed to the inside of the broom cupboard where I keep my cleaning cloths and caddy. The holdall is just perfect for holding my spare rubber gloves.

I managed to make the nut loaf for our evening meal and the rest will be frozen for next week. I made it with brown rice rather than breadcrumbs as one of my daughter’s has a gluten intolerance and I will be taking it up to her house for tea next week. But I must confess the pastry still didn’t get done again, however whilst I had the oven on anyway I decided to roast some teeny weeny potatoes I had left over (those very tiny ones that you always get when you grow your own) and parsnips at the same time – oh and I slipped a small frozen yorkshire pudding in at the end….they are a weakness of mine.

So today…it is another I can’t believe it is Friday day – I have washed towels to hang out and more washing to put in. I have a letter to write and a couple of friends to ring. Then who knows…. it could be more paperwork or another spell in the garage. I daresay DH would prefer it if I do the paperwork and keep well away from the garage which he sees as his domain. Maybe I will spend an hour in my domain (the greenhouse) I never got to organise it properly once DH had finished painting the inside.

Welcome to all the new followers of my blog – I do find it strange that I manage to acquire more followers when I am having a bit of a break from blogging than when I am writing!!!

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  1. I’m so delighted to read your posts over the last few days.
    I don’t suppose that your health issues have gone away but you seem to be able to feel more in control than you did.
    You are nest building again.
    Chronic pain is so debilitating so remember to be kid to yourself too.
    Very best wishes,


  2. Should have proof read before pressing send!
    “Be kind to yourself” was what I intended to say.


  3. You must be feeling loads better and that’s a good thing. You are getting a lot done. Today I plan to process some corn ( just blanch and freeze) and then go out to the garden shed and find my craft box and get out some knitting stuff. When I run out of reading material I need to do something!!


  4. Keep going while you’re on a roll. I remember my mum always keeping plenty of candles in ready for the power cuts, I was born in 1968 and there were plenty of them when I was growing up in the 70s. It seems we’re reverting to those days again with all the industrial action of late and threats of power cuts. All the candles I have are scented ones.


  5. Oh dear, we are married to twins again . . . mine keeps every damn thing. If it “might” be useful it is dumped on a table in his study to be forgotten forever buried by the next tranche of saved items, if it is broken it gets dumped in the garage to be ‘mended’. One day I swear I am going to order a skip!

    But huge congrats on managing some sorting out. I started on the loft this week – it is not a job I was ever going to finish in one afternoon 😱


    1. I don’t mind him keeping some things but if I was left with it all I wouldn’t know what it was for. His dad died suddenly and unexpectedly at 72 and his mum was not prepared and was left with such a lot of unknown things to deal with. I expect I am getting concerned now as we approach our 70’s soon that one of us could be left in the same position. DH just thinks I am planning to bump him off sometime soon but truth is while he is doing the ironing he is far too valuable!!!


      1. That is sad but familiar. When my FIL died it took us ages to help his Mum sort out the study (full of ‘important stuff’ which no-one had a clue about) and a shed (full of ‘important stuff’ which no-one had a clue about). I have cleared three houses left full by deceased elderly people and I don’t want to leave such a burden to anyone.

        Have you come across “Swedish Death Cleaning”? Not nearly as macabre as it sounds 😊


        1. I have just given my copy of Swedish Death Clearing away – I think most of the suggestions are being put into practise by me anyway. I too have cleared 3 houses and it is such a big job with so many decisions – we are mindful now not to leave a huge task for our daughter’s when we go.


  6. It sounds as if you are getting lots of sorting done. I recently did some sorting in our closets but I feel there is more to be done. I hope you are feeling well and enjoy the weekend.


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