dear diary ~ wet, wet, wet and files, files, files…

I know it drives some people mad but I find the noise of the rain on the caravan roof quite comforting to listen to when I am in bed.  Being snug and warm inside whilst outside it is lashing with rain is a reminder of how lucky we are to have a roof over our heads and can still afford some heat.  The sound of the rain is never so obvious when we are at home.

We are on our last day here at the cottage.  It has not been a very productive visit this time as the cold weather, even on the sunniest of days, together with sporadic down pours has meant little gardening has been done.  DH cut the front and back grass and washed down the caravan.  I attempted the trellis border and lane side border and was rained off each time.

So instead I made soup and curry and tomato and butterbean casserole and each time whilst they were cooking made an effort to clear out digital files on my laptop.  It is surprising the amount of old stuff on there and as with my paper files at home I have opened one or two folders each day and dealt with the documents inside – either keeping, archiving or deleting. 

At least there is no shredding involved.

Whilst I have been decluttering these digital files there has been quite a bit of shuffling around too and renaming of folders and then reordering the folder list – though I am not altogether satisfied yet with the running order – I am very particular about my folder list (no doubt a nerdy thing).

As the folder list is automatically sorted alphabetically by name I can end up with the most frequently used folders nearer the bottom so to bring the important ones to the top of the list I just add an exclamation mark or two to the front of the label name to be able to adjust where the folders appear on the list and make my own partially alphabetical one.  So folders such as  !STATEMENTS or !!ONLINE ORDERS and  !!!CONTACTS that are in frequent use are easy to find.  When Xmas comes around and I am using this folder more (which usually resides at the bottom of the folder list) I can rename it with an exclamation mark !XMAS and it will bring it to the top of the list temporarily over the Christmas period.

One day soon I do need to tackle the mass of photos – they are eating into the free space on my computer and many of the ‘blog’ photos can be deleted as I often take several shots and choose the best one to post.

To help with my current quest to go paperless in our office at home I have been searching online for manuals to download so that I can get rid of our paper versions. I have also downloaded the assembly and care instructions from the Ikea website for the flatpacks we have bought over the years. I am not sure we would ever need to refer to them again but if we do they will be documented on the computer. Any important instructions and manuals that I can’t find online I will probably scan onto the computer before putting the paper version into the recycle bin as there is no danger of any of our details being on these.

I will be sad to be leaving the cottage but I know there is so much to do at home too and no doubt the garden there will suddenly spring into life once (or if) we have some warmer weather.

We usually stop in Castle Douglas on the way home – a small market town with some great shops one of which is a family run craft shop over two floors and piled high like a treasue trove with wool, fabrics, artists materials and all things crafty – far better than any Hobbycraft, although not as organised but that only adds to the pleasure of discovery and the temptation to buy is just as difficult to ignore.

It is Mothering Sunday this week so as soon as we are home we will be setting off to pay my mum a flying visit (she lives in North Yorkshire about 90 miles from us) as we have to be back home again and at the dentist on Monday afternoon for that tooth extraction – I will no doubt have to make a big pan of soup for DH to eat afterwards.

Thank you for all your kind comments on previous posts and welcome to all the new followers, those of you that have your own blogs I will be over soon for a nosey – I know some of you are fellow crafters and I am looking forward to seeing all your handiwork.

6 Replies to “dear diary ~ wet, wet, wet and files, files, files…”

  1. I know exactly what you mean about digital
    Clutter. It is so easy not to think about it as you can’t see it. Like you I have lots of photos I took just to include in my blog and think they can probably just be deleted. After all … how often am I going to need to look at a picture of a cottage pie or a crafting disaster 😀


    1. Our only option at the moment as we have no time to even think about a plan – mum playing us up again at the moment and with the funeral on top had little time to really think straight!! It’s the most glorious mild day today as we are packing up to leave and makes me determined to hang on to it. Will do a post update soon. X


  2. Thank goodness for that. At first glance I thought it said flies flies flies! That would be a whole other problem.
    Wishing you a safe and smooth journey home. Xx


  3. Decluttering your files on laptops etc is such a good idea, I should really go through some of mine as I am sure that my laptop is getting very full. I hope you have had a safe journey home and tomorrow on Mother’s Day too.


  4. Digital decluttering. I do need to do that myself. Maybe it will get pushed further up the list of priority jobs as I am decluttering in other areas at the moment.


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