dEAr diary ~ overcome by tiredness

I am sitting on my daughter’s spare room bed at 9.30 at night still waiting for Little L to drift off to sleep in the next room.  At the moment it doesn’t seem very likely that she is going to be asleep this side of midnight!  We are still waiting for news of the new baby which should be anytime in the next few hours as mum was induced earlier.

I am absolutely shattered – we spent part of the morning packing (we always seem to be packing to go somewhere), then the drive up here to North Yorkshire in time for Little L’s school assembly at 3pm for the parents (and grandparent) where the older children had planned a little remembrance service, then cooking tea in a strange kitchen – strange in the fact that I am never very sure where everything is kept, like the scissors or the tin foil.  I must have opened every cupboard and drawer by now.

I think perhaps we made the wrong decision in looking after Little L at her home rather than pick her up from school and take her back to ours for the weekend but we didn’t want her to miss her ballet lesson tomorrow.  Now I am wondering if we will all be up in time to get to the ballet lesson.

Going back to the remembrance service – the children in years 3 and 4 had been learning about life in the trenches for the troops fighting the war and how difficult life was for them.  They were then asked to write a letter to someone who was a friend telling of the awful time they were having and of the reality as often the soldiers wrote letters to their families but didn’t mention the horror of the war so as not to worry or upset them.  Each child read out their letter – it was quite moving and I wondered myself how these brave men endured such hardship, being continuously cold, wet and covered in lice and sores from the Trench foot.

Must go now I need some sleep myself.


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  1. It’s always so difficult being a grandparent when waiting for news of a new baby.
    So many mixed emotions and above all staying calm and cheerful for your grandchild.
    I’m sure you will do a wonderful job. Little L is in her familiar surroundings and be able to meet her new brother or sister as soon as possible.
    I do hope that you are all asleep now and will have a good few hours of rest before grandparenting and parenting duties take over later today.


  2. I hope you managed to get some sleep and will be back with exciting news before long.
    It’s really kind of you to look after Little L in her own home. A new arrival can be unsettling for them (no matter how exciting) and keeping her regular routine will be important to her. X


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