dEAr diary ~ an unexpected day out

Do you ever have one of those days that doesn’t go to plan – I expect everyone does.  It wasn’t that yesterday turned out to be a bad day just different to what I had intended.  Last night I should have been sitting down pleased with myself for cleaning the freezer or making all the selection bags, but in the end I did neither – instead we had a trip to the Trafford centre to John Lewis to pick up a present for my daughter.

We were going to order this gift on-line but then changed our minds as we preferred to see what we were buying.  I am told that the 10th anniversary is tin so we have bought her a lovely handmade dragon-fly picture frame by Lancaster and Gibbings that is made of hammered or pressed pewter (which is a metal alloy of up to 99% tin).  We will put her a temporary picture in of Little L and Sweetie until we can take one that fits the space properly.After we had purchased the photo frame we of course had to have a browse around the store looking at all the beautiful things on display.  I could easily have indulged myself and one or two things might just go on my Not so Secret Santa wish list.

Tonight DH is out at one of his music concerts, a new piece of work by contemporary composer Rebecca Saunders.  This kind of music is really not to my taste it often pushes the boundaries of music and can be creative to the extent that it is very strange.  But he enjoys it and Huddersfield is the UK’s largest international festival of new and experimental music.

I actually like having the house to myself for a few hours – I might even watch a Christmas film on the True Christmas channel – something light-hearted and funny.  I might even give myself a home pedicure after all that tramping up and down the shopping mall.

Today we head off again for North Yorkshire our second home at the moment!

Incidentally, in respect of my daughter’s wedding day (that I wrote about in my last but one post see here) which was on a Friday ten years ago in Masham town hall;  we heard that Any Questions was broadcast from there on Friday night so lucky for us the venue was not double booked all those years ago – it was strange enough having the play rehearsal going on at the time we were setting up the hall!!

Have a lovely weekend. x

PS Just a note about the John Lewis staff who are always so on the ball and helpful – they really try hard with their customer service, so thank you John Lewis.

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  1. Be a funny old world if we all liked the same thing wouldn’t it 😊
    Just think – you’d be missing out on ‘me’ time if you enjoyed that style of music lol

    That was a great choice for the anniversary gift – decorative yet simple and very apt for the occasion. I imagine it will be well received. And isn’t it great to get really good customer service – there’s nothing better than walking out of a shop feeling satisfied with the help given by the sales staff.


    1. DH enjoyed the concert – the BBC were there recording it as well so quite a high profile composer.
      I never think you can beat John Lewis for service – they actually have shop floor assistants on hand which is almost unheard of now.


  2. I like John Lewis too – as you say, everyone is so obliging. In fact, I feel another visit coming up in the next few weeks as they are bound to have their decorations up by now.
    The picture frame is absolutely beautiful, as is the photo inside. Your daughter will be/should be thrilled to bits.


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