feasting :: from the apple tree

Before we left Scotland we gave the apple tree a good shake but still couldn’t dislodge the ones at the very top of the tree; so we had to make-do with all the windfalls we had collected.

This year wasn’t quite the bumper crop of last year (but then we had reduced the size of the tree during the previous winter) and I noticed a lot more blemishes and rotten bits to cut around where insects and the like had got there first.

Despite the blemishes and scars on the outside the flesh on the inside was still good; so we have been peeling and slicing, cooking and freezing apples all week and yesterday I used two of them to make one of my all time favourite recipes for this time of year – Apple and sultana cake. The original recipe from Good Housekeeping Basic Cookery uses raisins but I much prefer the juicier sultanas.

It is the perfect cake for early autumn – still quite a light texture, a hint of cinnamon and uses those just picked apples and windfalls straight from the tree. Try it sliced and buttered at teatime.

For anyone wanting to make this you will find the recipe in the drop down recipe section in the tabs above the header photo. Enjoy x

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  1. I will definitely trying out this recipe, it looks and sounds delicious. Perfect for this time of year. We are very fortunate in that people around the village leave out apples for people to help themselves. X


    1. I was giving away apples last year to the walkers coming off the beach and past the cottage. For whatever reason there were fewer walkers passing this year – we hardly saw anyone all fortnight – just as well there were fewer apples too. x


  2. The recipe looks delicious,do you put the apple slices straight in to the freezer or do you soak them in something first? Just curious as we had like your self lots of apples wasn’t quite sure whether they were good for freezing.


    1. Whilst I am peeling and slicing the apples I drop them into a basin of cold water with lemon juice added and then strain this off to cook them. When I freeze the apples I generally cook them slightly beforehand in a couple of tablespoons of water to which I add lemon juice to keep the slices white.
      I am not sure what others do but I do believe you can freeze the slices uncooked if you prefer.


  3. Lovely! I could just eat up a slice right now! Never thought of freezing the apple slices before. I will bear this in mind. Hope you are having a good weekend. x


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