dear diary :: a sunny day

Today I woke up to the sunshine streaming in through the window – such a stark contrast to yesterday. I had breakfast and drove up to my daughter’s house once again to look after little Freddie. He is just a delight and at that age when he is trying to make sense of the world and is fascinated by the smallest thing that catches his eye.

After lunch we had a walk in the park today stopping for a cup of tea and a piece of parkin at the local cafe just to refresh myself before the walk back again – it takes some stamina up and down the hills here – I had a good workout!

Once Freddie was back to his house I returned home about 5.30pm and decided on baked potatoes and salad tonight as it seemed a bit late to be attempting a new recipe. Not so much cooking is taking place here at the moment – I had intended to do a lot more – hopefully this is just a blip.

Yesterday, I said I would let you know what I borrowed from the library.

I am still reading a few I had taken out previously but added these to the pile. I started on the Christmas Reader last night – it is a compliation by Godfrey Smith of poems and excerpts of stories with a Christmas theme, the first one being the carol singing evening written about by Laurie Lee in Cider with Rosie. An English Christmas by John Julius Norwich is a similar book – in fact some of the stories and poems used are the same. It may seem a bit early to be reading such a book but I know I will not have time as we get nearer to Christmas and no doubt they will not be available to borrow soon – all the Christmas craft books are already out on loan.

Enough by John Naish is just what it says on the tin and talks not just about enough stuff but enough of many things like information, food, work and happiness. I feel we are overloaded in today’s world with all the above and making decisions is becomming increasingly difficult because of the numerous choices available to us. I am interested to know what he has to say on each of the topics.

The White Robin by Miss Read is my cosy up, feel good book – transporting me into an idylic country village where life is predicatable and slower and there is a sense of community.

Hell Week by Erik Bertrand Larssen is a book I have read before and is for anyone looking to change aspects of their lives. It is not however for the faint hearted as the changes are all done very quickly in one week – hence the title as he almost guarantees doing it this way will be hell, but worthwhile. I may not want to apply his extreme measures, one of which is rising at 5am everyday, but some of the ideas are good and adaptable. There is a planning and preparation stage to undertake before throwing yourself into ‘hell week’. With a tight plan of action you propel yourself from where you are now to where you would like to be in a matter of days. He makes it sound hard and easy at the same time – commitment it seems is the key to success. I am re- reading with the intention of getting to grips with this retirement of mine before I end up just sailing along with the wind completely off the course I was hoping to be on!

I also found these two craft books – I have made a couple of Artist’s books in the past – mainly the concertina style but would like to do more. The one called Bound by Rachel Hazell is such a lovely book in itself.

Last weekend I sat and entered receipts and balanced statements in readiness of looking at my finances for September. I know we had a very cheap two weeks at the caravan but on arriving home we did a major shop and bought a few things so have probably exceeded the pension income for the month once again. I will do a tally at the weekend.

Tomorrow is our lunch date with some old friends, so an early start to the day. I decided on the bulbs as a gift as I already have these, I bought them for myself whilst in Sainsbury’s on Monday – mixed tulips – and they will make a nice little gift.

So that was my day – I hope you enjoyed yours – I am just going to have a lovely pedicure and settle down to watch the Apprentice before bed.

Night night x

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  1. A busy few days – you must enjoy your days with Freddie. I miss having grandchildren at that age and stage.


  2. Retirement can be like that – sometimes ‘you’ have to accept that some days you may not finish where you thought you were going to be!

    Hell Week sounds like an interesting read, unfortunately it’s not in our library catalogue so I’ll have to pass on that one. I wouldn’t have thought of you as being a ‘cold turkey’ person but then you say there’s a certain amount of planning and preparation to do before the deed (which from what you say is how you like to go about things) so maybe you could pull it off’. Do let us know if you achieve your goal
    Take care


  3. You always get great books from your library. That book Enough sounds good. I’ve written the title and author down and will look out for it. Hell Week sounds interesting too. My mum used to read Mrs Read books and I’ve read one before, which I enjoyed as far as I can remember.


  4. “Pinch a few of his ideas..”

    Lol..A friend once told me ‘always give credit where credit is due – but don’t be afraid to poach a bit of …….’
    She didn’t say what – just indicated I’d know what would work for me.
    Sounds like it would work for you too 😊


  5. I don’t read half as much I want to….a few pages before I fall asleep!
    I do like reading a Christmas themed book around December though, they have been mainly Murder mysteries these past few years! It is lovely you are making the most of looking after your grandson, time flies.
    Have a good weekend. xxx


  6. baked potato sounds absolutely perfect to me. You are always such a busy lady. Hope you make time to sit and read your books.
    Did you enjoy The Apprentice? Dear God, they really seem to find the most arrogant, nasty, and bullying types each year. Normally there is at least one decent bod amongst them, but I’ve not seen any so far. All a be ‘me, me, me’. Should make for entertaining viewing!! x


    1. It was always the last program I watched with my colleague when she was terminally ill. Before she was ill we would watch it and then comment the next day in the office but when she fell ill and no longer came to work we would text each other during the program with silly comments. It is a memory thing for me I am compelled to watch it and it is bitter sweet. You would think the people entering now would learn from the previous episodes! x


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