dear diary :: rain, rain, go away


As a few people are joining in with ‘white month’ theme – here is my contribution of the beautiful white honesty in our garden…actually this was last years as it is biennial but I so love the picture I thought it deserved another airing.

Of course it was always going to rain in buckets yesterday as I had a hair appointment booked for the afternoon – I looked like a drowned rat when I got to the hairdressers and then again after I left and reached the car park, so much for the new hairdo – but at least my hair is cut into something resembling a style now – not much different to normal, a little shorter but far easier to manage. I would take a picture but I am still drying out!

Yesterday morning elder daughter arrived again with little Freddie – it was beginning to feel a little like ground hog day that I keep on reliving. DH stayed home and amused little Freddie whilst we went down to see the florist and order a few stems of the hypericum berries, eucalyptus, thistle and a deep purple lisianthus. We will eek these out with a cheaper bunch of cream flowers; roses maybe or chrysanthemums and alstroemeria from the supermarket. The lady who runs the shop is always so helpful especially when you are working to a budget. I can collect them on the Friday before the christening to make up the posies for the Sunday so the flowers will have nicely opened by then.

Once back at home I did a little mise en place – chopping veg, making the breadcrumbs and grinding the nuts for the nutloaf so that DH could cook and assemble it as per instructions whilst I was out at the hairdressers – it is now in the freezer. That was excellent team work – he also made some more leek and potato soup with the left over veg and halloumi bake for tea whilst I managed to sew up the raglan part of the jumper. He then spent the rest of the evening recovering.

Not a lot happened in the pantry yesterday. DH had to have a trip to the other side of town for low tack masking tape – not easy stuff to find – some of it is rubbish and still sticks like glue and fetches the fresh paint off when you remove it so it was worth going further afield to get the better one.

Today we are aiming to go to Sheffield, weather and flooding allowing – they have had it bad again and I heard some people got stuck in the Meadowhall shopping mall. I need to sort out Sweetie’s birthday present and card – I never intended to leave it to the last minute but it has ended up with Friday being the only free day this week. I have to try and give equal amount of time to my two daughters so that both the events they are planning get sorted; so today I won’t be seeing little Freddie and will be turning my attentions to little Sweetie and her birthday on Sunday. I still need to squeeze in some time to mix the buttercream for the cake ready to take with me.

Phew a granny’s life is never done!!

My mum had a better day yesterday thank you – woke up fine then went off colour again mid morning but OK when I rang in the evening – but still no bloods taken – maybe today. My sister is going in daily and cooking a meal for her – in return we are collecting her daughter (my neice) from Sheffield uni on Saturday and taking her with us up to North Yorkshire to save my sister the journey. It will mean an extra hour or so onto our journey but it is the least we can do to help out.

If the rain continues we may have to hire a canoe!

This may be my last post for a few days while we are away – it gets tricky to do very much when we are staying at my daughter’s house. So have a lovely weekend everyone and I’ll update you when we are back if I don’t get to pop in before that. Stay warm x

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  1. Hope the birthday party goes off splendidly.

    Stay safe given all the flooding around Sheffield. Good luck find a gift for Sweetie and for making it through the weekend without a meltdown–yours or anyone else. 🙂


  2. You do sound a busy Granny at the moment. I hope you’re able to get to where you’re travelling with no problems and it’s kind of you to pick your niece up. In times of need it’s good if families can pull together and help each other out.

    My Nanna had honestly in her hallway, just seeing a photo of it has brought back lots of memories of her so I’m glad you gave the photo another showing.

    Have a lovely weekend. xx


  3. Enjoy your weekend. How annoying about the hair do being washed out. Wish we could get some of your wet down here. (I’ve just got home and a friend is in the midst of a massive bush fire.)


  4. Hope you were able to navigate around the flooding and you have a lovely weekend! You certainly deserve a long stretch of downtime soon!


  5. I didn’t know that plant was called Honesty – we call it money plant because it looks like coins. It would make the best confetti ever!

    Take it easy on the wet roads – and I hope your events are warm and cozy!


  6. hope your mum is doing ok.
    I hope you were able to safely get into Sheffield. Things have been so scary with the weather lately.

    Love the photo of honesty. I can’t remember the last time I saw any honesty.

    Your flowers sound perfect, I’d love to see photos.

    Have a good weekend, stay safe and enjoy your time away. x


  7. I can’t believe how many of your posts I’ve missed Vivien! I just scrolled back to try and catch up with all that has been going on. I hope that your Mum is better and that you had an enjoyable weekend. The photo of the white honesty is so beautiful – I really must grow some! Hope you are having a good start to the week. x


    1. Hi Simone – I have a lot of catching up to do myself as I have been away and too busy to even read. It always happens that everyone posts like fury when I am away – but I will make my way through them all.
      Mum seems a lot better thanks – but sister now ill!


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