dear diary :: a melancholy message

I find myself in a rather ungainly, almost prostrate positon of late. Although, thankfully not face down. A rather painful episode of a strained, maybe even sprained, back has siezed me in its grip and I am best when lying quite motionless. It happened yesterday just as I was gearing up into a slightly brisker mode now the hibernating season is beginning to retreat.

DH might be relieved that he can attempt the housekeeping and cooking without any interference from me.

Until normal posture and wellbeing resume these few paltry words and images are all I can manage….meanwhile I shall entertain myself with a little light You Tube watching.

Back soon as my back is mended! x

26 thoughts on “dear diary :: a melancholy message

  1. take care dear lady. these things do come at the most inopportune times. not that any of these trials come at a good time. rest up and listen to your body. sigh.


  2. I do hope your back improves very soon. It is so painful and difficult to even get a good nights sleep when your back is strained. Thinking of you and sending healing thoughts your way.


  3. Oh, dear. That doesn’t sound good at all, poor you. Do take it easy for as long as it takes for a full and proper recovery. Sending love. xx


  4. Oh, you poor sweet – I was thinking yesterday it had been a few days since you posted. I do hope you fel better soon.

    I have had episodes in the past which I would have described exactly the way you have – and I mention it because one thing I find absolutely marvelous which gives much relief is a Sciatica video from Adriene Mischler. If you’re not familiar with her, you can find a wonderful range of free videos here:


  5. Poor you – a painful back is the pits and you can’t escape from it. Sending healing vibes your way and hopes that it eases off soon and that you are more comfortable again.


  6. Wondering if all is well with you and yours – it has been quite some time since your last post. Please let us know you are all right!


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