rEAdy, stEAdy…dash then crash

Today has been one of those days when you feel you are on overload and I spent the day dashing around trying to fulfil obligations.

The day began quite well – I woke early at 6am – it felt a little too early, I could have slept more but decided, as it is cooler at the beginning of the day, I would get up and just have a bit of a potter around the house putting oddments away.  I had little piles here and there throughout the house and an ironing pile that must be reaching a metre high – but although it is annoying me today was definitely not a day for ironing.

Most of my birthday flowers are still hanging on despite this heat – I have changed the water several times and removed any dead ones.  I love having so many about the house.  My daughter had also surprised me and put a tiny vase with a sprig of flowering lemon balm and thyme by my bedside yesterday.

Once the house looked a bit straighter I had a few errands to do in town.   I would not normally have chosen to go to town on a Friday, a very hot Friday too – the roads here are busy and congested – but I had to get cards, flowers and fairy wings (don’t ask!).

I also had to do a favour for my friend and neighbour who has just come out of hospital after a hip operation and after lunch I had planned a visit to see her.

Once in town I headed for Claire’s Accessories to look for fairy wings for my granddaughter’s birthday next week – they had an offer on of buy two items and get one free.  Even so they are not very cheap for what they are but will be just what is required for Little L’s 4th birthday next week when we go on our Fairy and Pixie adventure (can’t wait!)

I popped into Clinton’s and the Card Factory to look for cards.  I needed quite a few for different occasions – a 70th birthday, a moving house, a wedding card as my new neighbours are getting married, and a wedding anniversary, (actually I should have bought two of these – one for my own anniversary next week – but I forgot my own!).

Passing Waterstones I had a quick look at their cards and came out with a book (I know I shouldn’t have but after the week I’ve had I really felt a treat was a good idea to cheer me up).  Then it was across to Sainsbury’s – a quick check for fairy wings in case they had some cheaper ones (but nothing doing), picked up a bunch of flowers and the paracetamol for my neighbour, a couple of loaves of bread and a number 4 sparkler for Little L’s cake.

On my journey home the heat and heavy traffic was almost impossible to deal with and I am so thankful for the air conditioning in my new car.  I had to take a bit of a detour and stop by a friend’s house to deliver a birthday card for her partner – I was actually thankful they were not at home and I was able to put it through the letterbox and get back home sooner.

It was 2.30 pm when I eventually arrived home to find the telephone ringing – it was the heating engineer asking if we had decided on a date for them to come to change a part in our boiler (we hadn’t – but finally agreed on 17th as we have to work around having my mum and granddaughter and go to Scotland in August).

So it was a very quick lunch and then straight round to my neighbours – not forgetting to grab the bunch of flowers and paracetamol to take with me.  At least I always get a welcoming cup of tea there – this time made for me by her hubby who is acting nurse at the moment whilst she and her new hip are recovering.

After a bit of a chat I came home wrote all the cards, delivered the wedding card for my immediate neighbour and then at last sat down for 5 minutes and fell asleep for over an hour hoping that everyone had been given the right card for the right occasion!



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  1. Well done on doing so much in yesterday’s heat. We have had one heavy shower that lasted about 5 minutes early this morning and the ground is already dry but at least it is cooler and I might actually get something done. The last few days I have just felt constantly shattered due to the heat and limited myself to only what is truly necessary.


    1. I would not have been pushing myself yesterday to attempt that marathon if it hadn’t have been absolutely necessary – it was exhausting in the heat. I only found out about my neighbours getting married and the 70th birthday of my daughters’s MIL the day before and had no spare cards in for those occasions. I offered to get the fairy wings as my other daughter does not live close to any shops and the only ones she could get were bigger than the two children they are for! Then in addition my neighbour with the hip operation was sent home so the list of errands I had to do and cards to buy suddenly accumulated overnight! Such is life – not sure how you prepare for these kind of things.
      We’ve had rain too – a nice soaking overnight.


  2. That was a lot to do on such a humid and sweltering day. Well done.
    It’s much nicer here now – we’ve had rain, the temperature has dropped at least ten degrees and there’s a very fresh breeze a-blowing. Such a change.


  3. Hmmm….and you wonder what you will do in retirement? 🙂

    Well done in all that heat. Isn’t an air-conditioned car a blessing?


    1. I know it is very worrying. I am not sure how all these different tasks suddenly happened and how I go about trying to minimise them. No matter how organised and forward thinking I try to be I seem to be up against helping other people who aren’t. I only knew my neighbour was getting married today on Thursday evening because he asked me to water their garden for 2 weeks whilst they go on honeymoon. Perhaps I need a stack of cards in hand, but I can’t keep fresh flowers or fairy wings in stock just in case LOL!
      The air conditioning saved the day!


  4. That was a busy day!
    I often dread waking up to days like that. The list of things to do can seem overwhelming initially, and yet it all gets achieved in the end. X


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