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I decided to turn my handy little notebook I keep with jottings on all things to do with the garden into an online journal. This is just a record of what I am planting and doing each month in both gardens, the one here at home in Yorkshire and the one at the cottage in Scotland.

At the moment I don’t want to start a separate blog so I am writing this in the pages section and you can read about my daily gardening exploits if you are interested by clicking on the link ‘The Garden Journal’ which you will find both along the top menu bar above the header picture and in the side bar and this will take you through to the relevant pages.

Each month will have a new page and depending, of course, which garden I am in at the time it will say by the date.

I will still be doing the ocassional gardening post on here – but the more day to day stuff will be in the journal. Pages unlike posts will not notify any followers when I update in the journal so I will let everyone know of any updates at the end of my normal postings. Hope to see you there.

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  1. I had a little look at your gardening pages Viv – this is a great idea. That way you can keep those thoughts and ideas all in the one place.
    Yes tomatoes can suffer from fungus, maybe undo the zips now and again so they get a bit of fresh air (and a breeze in their hair lol). Will they need larger pots at some time- they look awfully close to each other.
    Those wooden boxes look like a good buy – you did cut some holes in the black plastic to allow for drainage…..don’t want to end up with a soggy swimming pool with plants floating on top 😊


    1. We will be removing the tomato covers soon – they are outdoor tomatoes but the weather has been very cool here so keeping them a bit warmer has given them a good start. once the covers are off I can respace them further apart. I keep putting the front flap up during the day.


  2. Oh good idea. I was about to start a new blog for My Adult Gap Year. May start pages instead. Will follow on your pages and see if that’ll work for me.


  3. Enjoyed your gardening pages. Love to see English gardens in the making. It gets so hot here in summer that gardening is simply not a pleasure, so I am vicariously gardening through some of my favorite blogs.


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