dear diary ~ a day to ourselves

We had a lovely day yesterday with little Freddie – he is so cute and some of the things he says makes me smile. He is so amenable if you ask him to do anything he will reply ‘OK’ and just do it. He helped me to make the nut roast for Sunday and I think he might make a great chef one day, he isn’t afraid to taste new foods either. We had a pleasant walk to the village in the sun and I was surprised to find very few people around yet the roads were quite busy. No doubt everyone rushing to do last minute shopping.

Once his mum had been to pick him up at 6 o’clock we did have a long sit down before making our own tea. Goodness knows how we will cope once the baby arrives and we have them both for the day with different needs – there will be a 4 year gap, the same as between Little L and Sweetie. When the newest member of the family is born the gap between the oldest and youngest grandchild will be 12 years, so that is going to be fun when we all go on holiday together. I think many people like my own mum and dad had grandchildren whilst they were in their 50’s we are almost 70 and we are finding it quite tiring at times, but I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to look after them for the world.

Today we have the whole day to ourselves and most of the food for tomorrow is sorted. I am planning to make a chicken casserole on Sunday morning as an alternative to the nut roast – being vegetarian all my life it is not anything I have made before but the lady in Sainsbury’s did say that the mini breast fillets I got would be fine in a casserole so I hope she is right.

After a nice long shower, a leisurely breakfast and a few household chores I plan to go in the garden (weather permitting).

I am missing the large tubs of tulips I had by the greenhouse for the last two years – I didn’t manage to refresh the tubs last autumn and was very late planting some bulbs straight into the border, but at least these have sprung up quickly and should flower soon. We are still having overnight frosts here but once the sun is on the greenhouse mid morning the humidity can build up quickly if I don’t remember to go out and ventilate it. I have plants in there waiting to go into the garden but need hardening off now, then I will give the greenhouse a good clean down and sow my seeds. I will probably do many more Zinnias this year I just love the splash of rich jewel colours in the summer and they have such a long flowering time.

I always try to get my potatoes in on Good Friday but that was not going to happen yesterday whilst we looked after Freddie – I am sure he would have been most helpful but the thought of him wading into a tub full of manure made me think twice – so hopefully I will get them sorted today.

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