dear diary ~ happy New Year 2023

A very happy and healthy New Year to all my blog friends and readers and may it be all you are wishing it to be.

You may have noticed I have a new look for a new year – I felt like a change and you may have noticed I have been tinkering around with my blog a bit recently and moving and deleting things. My blog roll is now under the tab above named ‘Lovely Places to Go‘ – I hope I have got everyone on there.

I have been planning and listing to excess in the last few days and it is time for me to choose a new Focus word for the year. Last year’s word Improvement worked out so well I intend to carry this on as well.

As usual many words went through my mind but the one I kept coming back to is Contentment. I Googled it to find the dictionary lists it as meaning;

Contentment: “a state of happiness and satisfaction”

When you feel content you are more likely to feel grateful for the small pleasures in life and it is usually these small everyday pleasures that make us happy. Sometimes life gets so busy here I often miss those little pleasures.

When I think back to both my grandparents, my in laws and my dad they were all very contented people and happy with their lot. I meet many people who are not, they always seem to be striving for the next thing but the enjoyment it brings once obtained seems fleeting.

Over the last few years I have been making a big effort to buy less and be content with what we have – it can be a struggle at times as the shops display such an array of tempting goodies to buy and it can be hard to walk away without slipping something into my basket, but all these little bits and pieces add up to more clutter and as the ‘stuff’ builds up once again will require decluttering at some future time. As I have continued to declutter through the house and at the same time tried hard not to buy new things in their place I have been loving the emptier spaces, though there is still a lot of room for improvement. It is quite noticeable now that many people, unless you are a true hoarder, are constantly decluttering – and I am too; yet I never remember either of my grandmas having these mammoth decluttering sessions and when I think about it I presume it is because they did not buy ‘stuff’ in the first place.

January is a good place to start. My first intention is to shop the house – I have been making lists of what I might need to buy and what I don’t really need to buy and this month will become the test. Where possible I will be using up, reusing, repurposing, recycling and even upcycling……anything to avoid buying.

I will be shopping in the pantry, fridge and freezer this month for food and only buying in any necessary groceries that we require as well as fresh fruit and veg, milk and bread. In fact I have bread flour never opened so this might be the time to make my own. I have a mind to run the pantry shelves and freezer down to almost nothing and definitely find ways of using up some of the bits and pieces left over from making birthday cakes and chocolates. I have quite a bit of coloured roll out icing which will go hard if not used, half a jar of mincemeat and a full tub of crystalised ginger…..I need to set time aside for a baking session.

The only item of clothing I really need is some new boots; mine can be a bit leaky in wet weather, but at a push I could probably make the ones I have last yet another year.

I have a stack of homemade and recycled cards now for most occassions and a stash of presents in the drawer so no need to buy these for a while.

Since I began knitting again I have collected quite a few balls of wool in the drawer so I am looking to make another jumper for one of the grandchildren and maybe have a go at some socks. I admire all you bloggers that knit those wonderful pairs of socks I see – maybe someone might direct me to some instructions suitable for a beginner.

In my mind there is no time like January for giving the house a good clean and I have a cupboard full of cleaning products to use up, mainly inherited from other people that I can’t waste even if I am not keen on them, and hopefully I can create a bit more space in the cleaning cupboard.

Once the inside is spick and span and I have cleared out and organised all the drawers and cupboards I will start looking at what seeds I have to use up to. I will have to buy seed potatoes though – but they won’t break the bank. We are still using our Christmas potatoes, they were well worth planting last Autumn and a real treat this time of year.

There will be no getting away from buying decorating products once we start on the laundry room and our main bedroom, but I think I might wait to do this until after all the upcoming birthday celebrations, Burns night and perhaps a trip to the cottage.

Looking forward to hearing all your plans and gaining some inspiration.

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  1. Winwick Mum has a really good beginners 4ply and DK sock pattern free. But be warned once you start it is difficult to stop.


  2. Snap – one of the words I was considering was contentment and the other was consistency. I’m staying with positivity for now but may very well ass one or both – they all seem to match together like pieces of a jigsaw really.

    Re sock patterns, have you tried looking on YouTube? Setting the heel, etc, is so much easier when you can actually see it being done. I haven’t looked myself but will see what there is there and let you know if I find anything.

    Happy Nerw Year to you! xx


    1. I chose consistency for my word in 2021 when we experienced the lock down after Christmas and before that it was Flourish. The word that brought about the biggest change was definitely last years – ‘Improvement’ and I will carry this on again. I am not sure how contentment will work for me but I will try and write a monthly post about my progress. Good luck with yours and a happy New Year x


  3. Hi there and happy new year. We too are having our annual conversation as to what is important this year and what do we want to achieve. I feel a big list of bite size tickoffable jobs coming on. Lovely to find my blog on your list of lovely places to go … thank you 💜


  4. You are certainly on the right track for a successful year, Viv! I too am shopping my fridge and freezer and can’t believe what I have found tucked away. It’s certainly one way to save a bit of money.


    1. I think we may be down to some odd meals as I delve into the freezer and use up any left over bits. I think we have one frozen Yorkshire pudding – that will definitely be mine – DH not to keen on them anyway…luckily as I’m not sharing. Not sure what I will put with it though.


  5. That’s a lovely way of putting it, shopping the house. I shall certainly be picking that one up having got a full freezer, just in case! We have complementary words don’t we ? It will be Good to cheer each other on.


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